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I gave Gamma a day at the sap yesterday to make her feel better, and so she picked out my favorite color to paint our nails. That’s so sweet of her, I think I’m gonna puke. #tabbyposts

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Espresso cheesecake!!!!

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No I will not. #FuckyouChap #youcanthavemylifesbloodthateasy #Tabbyposts #westofabsolution #nukabreak

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when people bring up your past


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Ground broken on 1005 and 1006! #SanchecksAndDandiesAcquireNewHouses #HouseGet #needbettertagsforthis

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Ughhh… So sick feeling

Why tho

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Dissociative Degu. Text Reads: “Can’t keep up with real life. Head is too crowded and takes 95% of your attention”


Dissociative Degu. Text Reads: “Can’t keep up with real life. Head is too crowded and takes 95% of your attention”

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flamingos really piss me off like what the hell are they doing??????

lookin 4 tha party

single and ready to flamingle 

I’m just imagining all of them saying “mmm, girl” or “hey, hey, hey” every time they turn their heads now Jules, you’ve ruined these birds for me. You’ve ruined birds for me in general. Oh my god
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So it seems like a lot of the systems I’m meeting have their own names for their systems. I’ve met Garden, Rose, Sunrise, Mosaic…

what’s up with that?

It’s something to help us all feel connected and makes it much easier to refer to us as a whole with something unique to us that holds a special meaning :)

Plus it’s really useful and validating to be able to say something like “dude, I was hanging out with the Orchestra last night,” because it takes the whole system into consideration equally, and that’s especially helpful for some people. So why not?
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So I haven’t really been doing so well; don’t really have everything together that I would like for advocacy buuuut…

I’ve been doing a LOT of work in therapy. Like hella work. And it’s good stuff too.

So out of curiosity, who would like to see the plan I have developed to assist daily functioning?

If someone has an idea of how, I will even share the templates for everything I have learned so far.

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I’m not ableist! I just happen to think my opinion on a disability I don’t have is just as important as the opinion of someone who actually has said disability!!!
Someone who is clearly ableist. (via the-war-outside—our-door)

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More splices/fusions! (full view pls)

sources are not in order I gave up x x

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the witch and her demon

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Okay, but like…

Have any of you ever thought about how confused a first year Hogwarts kid with DID and everyone in the shop would be when they went to get their first wand?

I mean, can you imagine? How would you pick a wand at that point? Would boxes just constantly be flying…

Personally, I’ve always identified with Hufflepuff too. Never attributed it to the DID before, but that really makes sense for me, when I think about it… Hufflepuff just always seemed like that catch-all place all the “weird” kids or the kids with problems got put. idk And as for neurotypical vs. neurodivergent/neuroatypical, my understanding was that the later referred to anyone whose brain was wired differently, or otherwise did not conform to the norm in regards to its functioning. So I’d say yes, that makes you a part of that group, if your brain is considered “abnormal” in some way. Although, you usually hear it in reference to autism, but I do believe it’s a broader term. The ones that specifically apply to ASDs are allistic vs. autistic. So that’s the difference I think.